February 2023

When I thought I needed sunshine, he sent me rain When I thought I needed healing and already had my share of pain, he sent me more When I was looking for a mountaintop, all I saw were the valleys below  Jesus always seems to know what I need When I thought I needed friendship, he […]

God, I love older people; They grew up in the days of black and white When wrong was wrong, and right was right When you never had to worry about finding them on Sunday morning  They would be with their sons and daughters in pew number three But now this modern world has us feeling […]

Breaking the age code  As we grow older we should bemoan the urge to become frustrated and complain; rather than live with joy, because there is no choice but to see everyday nuisances as something to make our lives richer.  To age exuberantly, we must first recognize our “Internal ageism” and put up a good fight […]

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