Sitting on the edge of a new life

Sitting on the edge of a new life

Breaking the age code 

As we grow older we should bemoan the urge to become frustrated and complain; rather than live with joy, because there is no choice but to see everyday nuisances as something to make our lives richer. 

To age exuberantly, we must first recognize our “Internal ageism” and put up a good fight against it;

Say yes as often as we can because saying “yes” is in effect saying “yes” to life.

Become more curious and explore our boundaries while we become a deeper part of the community.

The older we get the more we’ll be able to say “yes” to things that we were on the verge of saying “no” to. 

Dismantle the “age barrier” by spending lots of time with younger people;

Being around them benefits your brain; while at the same time keeping your wits about you. Keep them around by giving them food, asking them questions, and listening to them; but no matter what, don’t sit around and talk about your aches and pains; they’ll find out for themselves when their time comes. With the blending of generations comes hearing about younger people’s plans and prospects, which is a great way to stay tuned with the younger person we used to be. 

Having a closed mind ages us quicker than anything, so, while we still have the time,  volunteer to read to children at a library, take care of a sick friend, become a mentor, and sign up for the Bigbrother, Big Sister program? 

We can’t stop the passage of time and how it affects our bodies, but we can work diligently to keep a strong hold on a clear and positive mind. Being young in our heads and hearts is entirely possible, even though we may sometimes be “crotchety, as our joints become squeaky.

Emotional changes that occur when we age, are more likely to foster a bleak mosaic of emotions, rather than a colorful montage of “sweet dreams”. 

Make your life richer and break the age barrier while you ask yourself, is it that I can’t do it, or I won’t do it?

Above all, seek answers to the questions of origin, meaning, morality, and destiny. It is there that you will understand the true meaning of life because the second half of our journey is not just a chronological moment, but a psychological stage of awareness when we truly become grown-up.

So, get out and buy that new leather jacket and stop refusing to go out to dinner, to that art show,  to go on that Sunday drive, or gaze at the moon and the galaxy of stars at night. 

It’s your life, so live it the only way you know how — your way!

Musings from a crotchety old man who is desperately trying to grow old with just a “little bit” of grace.

I hope I brought a smile to your face, some laughter to your soul, and a renewed skip in your step! 

I had a great time and a few laughs myself writing this one!

Blessings my dear friends, 

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  • Naomi

    This post has brought great thoughts of how to approach going forward. Humor is always a way that I deal with adversities. Humor IS the best medicine most of the time. Having my grandson around keeps me in the world of wonder and new experiences from the perspective of a young mind. Ty for sharing your thoughts on how to age gracefully!

  • Bianca C Gaetano

    This was absolutely wonderful in so many ways!! ❤ made me think of a variety of well as y I like to also talk to older people so I can gain advice and wisdom and maybe just some amazing stories about their way of living and struggles and of course some great laughs 😃 u r definitely aging gracefully and have much to offer 💙

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