The Heart Of The Renewed American Dream

The Heart Of The Renewed American Dream

Behold A New Earth Arising 

Dream on school girl, dream on.

The light within each one of us needs to be reborn in order to share, but not without struggle, the new America that is coming into being by the “Power Of The One”

There are times and places when one’s voice needs to be heard above the clamor of those who make think differently, or who wish to go in a different direction. The need to raise one’s voice is not a call to shout out or shout down others but to preserve and support the one’s integrity of own beliefs.  

Such a small majority doesn’t depend on numbers or on the approval of others in order to gain legitimacy. It doesn’t seek to sway others to its own point of view in order to gain momentum to hold its own truths and beliefs.  Rather, such a voice is based on a firm foundation of spiritual integrity, and feels a moral calling to declare the beliefs by which it lives —beliefs that no other can undermine or alter through outer pressure, but which can only be altered through a change in “inner ” perspective.”

It is to replace the gathering of outer force with a much stronger inner force. There are many kinds of pressure today that are applied to get people to join the “majority of numbers”, to get them to move in a given direction. There is the pressure of appearance, where one who looks different or sounds differently is made to appear foolish or “out of step” with the times. 

There is also the pressure of dogma, where one who thinks differently is made to feel like a heretic, treading on long-established sacred values.

 Then there is the pressure of force — where one who remains faithful to their “voice” begins to feel endangered by doing so by the loss of relationships, work, financial support, or another context that forms the external structure of life.

For these reasons, it is up to each of us who cares about the future of humanity to become a single voice of integrity and vision within a voice that arises out of spiritual depth. 

This must become an effort to align everyone with the true source of all truth and light that lives within the soul of humanity.

Blessings of the day dear friends,

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  • Naomi

    I agree that the pressures of today are profound. I try to always remember the core values and the moral standards that I was taught as a youngster. We grow over time to learn restraint and the power of prayer When I have to respond in an awkward or an uncomfortable situation, my question to myself is: what would Jesus do?

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