Older People

Older People

God, I love older people;

They grew up in the days of black and white

When wrong was wrong, and right was right

When you never had to worry about finding them on Sunday morning 

They would be with their sons and daughters in pew number three

But now this modern world has us feeling out of touch

The church has turned the page

If we would just take the time to spend with older people 

They have all the wisdom and the answers because they have been down those dusty roads and trails cluttered with hardships galore 

Don’t miss the chance to be with older people 

Tears were left on the pages of their bible where they left off before getting on their knees to pray

It’s time to believe the words that they heard at the beginning of their “sweet by and by”

They faced the rain and the storms with the scars of hands held high 

They can tell us how a revival can melt a hardened heart 

Their wisdom is a treasure underneath a lonely steeple.

Worry only sees the wind and troubled waters

Regret keeps us looking back searching for the shore

Fear only finds a sky filled with lightning

Faith keeps us walking on to where love, peace, and kindness await us with “open arms”

Take the time dear friends to spend with older people while they tell their captivating stories of days gone by. 

And when the way seems hopeless, seek their wisdom while their eyes well with tears of childhood memories

To that church they love, they are the first ones through the door to pray that place in glory; their home forever more  

The more I watch “em, the more like ’em I wanna be

God, I love older people! 

Oops! I just remembered I’m one of them!!

Blessing from above my dear friends,

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  • Naomi

    Yes! I’m in that group also! I have my father’s bible and it is worn from use and it has notes written here and there. He also sang a song titled “In the Sweet By and By!” How would you have known that? Divine intervention, I’m sure. To capture and practice the art of being youthful and “thinking” young is my goal every day. May the age of wonder stay with us all. Blessings to you.

  • Bianca C Gaetano

    Absolutely wonderful ❤ and yes I love older people and listening to them and their stories and how things used to b...there is alot to b learned and passed down from those b4 us 💜

  • Alyssa McCombie

    Yes!! A million times over YES!! old people seriously ROCK!♥️ the world would be so boring without old people, especially the storytelling part because y'all certainly have some AWESOME stories from the past!😘😘💗💗

    • Alyssa McCombie

      Makes me want to relive the moment!♥️♥️

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