“A Better Life”

“A Better Life”

Life gets better when;

Sunrises and sunsets leave us breathless, and raindrops tickle our fancy.

We hold a newborn and catch their smile for the first time and we come alive again.

When looking out at the ocean it feels like it’s another world reaching out to us, while it whispers out our name.

We look a storm right in the eye and go out and move a mountain.

Memory Lane begins at the back porch, at the end of a field of wildflowers, and at tree-lined streets of Maple and Oak.

We gaze around at the sights and feel the sounds of a life worth living.

We hold someone’s hand so they will never have to walk it alone.

We look in, we look down, we look out, and we look around, but we seldom look up.

Our child within allows us to breathe in a renewed sense of wonder, playfulness, and selflessness.  

We love the hands that feed us and feed those who hunger for our love and kindness.

We can paint a picket fence any color of the rainbow we choose without regrets.

A breeze begets a fragrance from the cradle deep into our soul and we feel reborn.

We realize that the grass is always green, but when the sun comes out from beyond the storm clouds the grass is a brighter shade of emerald.

We realize that in life there is no such thing as failure; you either win or you lose.

That letting go is sometimes hard, but being free gives us wings to fly among the stardust.

We sit quietly on a hilltop looking back on life while planting seeds of possibilities.

To be continued;

Blessings my dear family of friends 

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  • Maria Thomas

    Touched my heart and the words made me feel alive! Beautiful - a beautiful reminder of what makes us feel...

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