First Light

First Light

The Dawning Of A New Day And A Renewed Leap Of Faith

When I first saw this picture it was as though I was being transported back in time when some argue that time never existed; when there was nothing. It was an instantaneous moment when I knew I needed to write about it in hopes of bringing clarity to anyone who came across this post. To better understand that life is about self and living in the moment; free from the negative thoughts that can take us down roads of discontent, skepticism, and “foggy brains.” 

The more I entered the picture the deeper it brought me to realize that the dawn of each day allows us to celebrate everything good and to understand what is not worthy of the time we spend trying to figure out what life is all about. I discovered that to create order and clarity in our lives we must first do a deep study of what caused the beginning of everything we know and what we will never completely understand about human destiny.

That image, captured by Michael Vertino, has established a place in my soul forevermore. It changed my life and gave it more meaning than I already have. Thank you, Michael. Something tells me that you were supposed to capture that moment in time. 

We might want to ask ourselves, what is it that turns all sunsets into sunrises and reaches out to us to experience all of the wonder and mystery of life?

For me, it is not only the truth you taught me when my life grows dim, it is from your eyes and your heart that beckons me your love for me was shed, shall I never lose sight of you to become a fountain ever full and a river that forever flows. 

In a world oversaturated with increasing doubt and skepticism about where or when human life originated, science and the bible agree on one thing; that we came from particles and dust from condensed stars, planets, and living things. Whether we came from particles very quickly as portrayed in Genesis or through a slow process described by science, is theologically irrelevant.

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  • Alyssa McCombie

    this was nice to read! that picture is very beautiful!! when I first looked at it I instantly got taken back to my childhood and standing in front of the lake near my grandparents house. what a wonderful memory.

  • Naomi

    What a beautiful photo! For me, it’s a reflection that reaches to eternity. It made me reflect on my life and realize that everything truly happens for a reason. Even if we make hasty or wrong decisions, there’s always a purpose for all that life offers us. In the moment, we sometimes react with discontent, anger or even malice! God help us all to know that each day is another stepping stone to refine our character, renew our spirit and reaffirm our religious beliefs with a new mindset.

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