A New Awakening

A New Awakening

America has lost its way – and its identity. What once was a Grand Stage, was to be an eternal covenant of equality between its people and a Government that was to serve and protect them. The powers that be allowed for unprecedented freedoms and opportunities never seen before and provided the armature of a “civil society”.

These “flawed” men often disagreed, sometimes vehemently, but they were willing to compromise around a nebulous idea greater than themselves, or their personal ideologies. With a pragmatic dream in mind, their goal was to create a more perfect union to be forever called the United States Of America. 

Through all of the division and discontent being unleashed upon us today, along with the unremitting ideological struggle, we have grown increasingly weary. While still armed with a history of secure ideals, courage, and perseverance fueled by our right to autonomy, at what point do we stop the risk of a seemingly impossible victory? 

Will these times of “crimes and calamities” ever come to an end?

Only with a forthright decision by all who choose to call themselves impassioned and “patriotic” Americans, can our history show a destiny that prevailed on a sturdy bedrock of all things good.

When you take away the Monotheistic thought that God is the creator deity and all the symbolic principles that we hold dear to the American flag, what’s left to guide our goodness, our quest for truth, and our destiny – within an America that embraces peaceful coexistence?

Behind all arguments lies the issue of a moral code that enables us the ability to distinguish right from wrong, good from evil, and helps each of us to facilitate growth in human love and kindness. That should spark a debate to find an answer to the question; if one does follow a code of morality there must have been a moral code giver. Who or what might that be?

We are living at a time in our society where we’re beginning to look at what is the authentic purpose, what the “distinguishable” value is in learning, and what are the necessary processes of change for the better. We need to be looking at “behavioral shaping and modification reinforcement” that will open our eyes to the fact that the lack of “connection” only produces chaos, and at the same time we must rid ourselves of “ visceral emotional detachment”.  

It is my opinion that only through “meaningful dialog” and a “deep spiritual connection” can we bring together the positive forces that will teach us how to resolve our differences peacefully.

Let every heart know that the need to re-establish the strong and guarded principles for democracy and liberty within America, still remains true. It has been, and shall always be, the everlasting fundamental principles upon which the nation shall stand in pursuit of its own destiny as a prismatic beacon of hope, truth, and the spiritual light of the world.   

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  • Mark

    Peace and hope always

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