“A Better Life” – Revisited

“A Better Life” – Revisited

Here we are, still facing hard choices and seemingly insurmountable decisions.

Right now, together, we have a powerful voice to turn everything completely around. To make all that is bad good again – once and for all. We need only to walk hand in hand, lean on each other and look back at how far we’ve come from the birth of this nation.. and its people.

Sometimes I am wonderstruck knowing that we have survived this long while going through so much, yet after all the rough times we are still together and now stronger than ever. We need to look into the mirror of our destiny, grab hold of the memories of our ancestors and change our direction as they would have expected us to. We can at least try to praise them and pay them back for building an impenetrable foundation of free speech, truth, and equality for all. For their relentless pursuit of equitable humanity brazen with undeniable strength and dignity, we shall be eternally humbled and forever grateful.

May God bless the souls of our dearly departed that left behind the hallowed ground, halls, dedicated customs, and nothing less than the greatest good laid down upon the Earth.

“Lifes Better When”

We discover who we are and fall in love with love all over again

Our ancestry comes alive for the first time, and we are astounded when we discover their sacrificial “true grit”

We run across the same timeworn Schwinn we rode as a child, and along with our youth, the only thing that had faded were the memories

A Fourth of July fireworks display stirs the fading wonder that will belong to the child within that will always sustain us

We run across your own Golden Pond that sits at the very end of the wooded trails that lead us to our life’s dreams that don’t always come true 

We eat our favorite pie, candy, ice cream, or any other confectionary delights that cater to the whims of  our sweet tooth all in one day

We know its ok when “out of nowhere” we break down and cry while remembering the loss of a loved one, or the gratefulness we feel that comes from just being alive 

We understand that a garden only exists because its creator lives by the abundance of nature’s rhythmic colors and a freshly picked bouquet of sweetness 

We finally realize that life is about helping others and that somehow amid life’s journey, we have learned to feel other people’s pain and suffering 

We are able to walk through life taking baby steps instead of leaps and bounds

Coffee and flowers can while away the hours

A dead-end ultimately turns into just another place to turn around

We choose courage over fear

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  • Bianca

    I felt this...all so true!

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