Christmas – The Fifth Season

Christmas – The Fifth Season

The reason for every season

I believe that Christmas is not just a day but a condition of heart and mind, but also that it is a “fifth” season. One that sits separated from the other four without that which gives life purpose and its rightful meaning. It certainly seems to be a part of the intellectual trickery that is intended to bring about a false sense of visionary speculation regarding the true meaning of this holiest event. The true meaning of Christmas is a phrase that began to appear in the mid-nineteenth century when a shift toward a more secular culture resulted in a national backlash. Christmas began to see the secularization of the celebration of the birth of Christ as the shift toward Santa Claus and the exchanging of gifts replaced the celebration of the advent of Christ and giving to the poor and needy without expectation of receiving anything in return.  

Let’s take a closer look:

Summer is a perfect time to explore new places and take on new challenges with the warmth of the sun on your skin and long days that make it the ideal season to push your limits.

Spring is also a time of new beginnings, as people begin to shed their heavy winter coats and emerge from hibernation to start new projects and set new goals for the months ahead.

The autumn equinox marks the end of summer and the beginning of the fall season. It becomes a time of balance between light and darkness, as the days get shorter and the nights get longer. With it comes a time for introspection, reflection, and gratitude to honor the changing of the seasons in preparation for the colder months ahead.

Winter is the season of stillness and that permits us to slow down and turn our sense of introspection and contemplation about what matters inward. It is often seen as a time of endings and beginnings, as the old year comes to a close and a new one begins, but this one, in particular, brings with it a powerful time of reflecting on the other seasons that have passed while setting meaningful intentions for the year ahead.

For centuries the four seasons have captivated us, representing a natural cycle from the snowy wonderland of winter to the blossoming greenery of spring, from the sizzling sun of summer to the prismatic foliage of autumn. Each of the seasons not only brings about unique changes in our environment and our lives but have you ever stopped to think about what these changes ultimately symbolize?

Amid all of the upheaval, crisis, difficulty, problems, and fear, comes the true meaning of Christmas with all of its hope, goodwill, and cheer. This message of tidings has been misapplied and misunderstood for many years while thinking of business profits, shopping, gifts, tinsel, toys, and misguided celebrations as the “norm.” Others think only of Bethlehem, of the star that announces the coming of sun and light to earth that heralds the dawn, shepherds in the fields, and angels singing. Still, other cynics ask, “Where is this prince of peace in a world filled with such turmoil?”  

For those of us who believe Christmas is about the birth of the Christ child, we have come to celebrate along with the creation of God’s solstice the eternal seasons of love, kindness, humility, and compassion that if it were not for the birth of Christ would not exist.  

My friends, each of us plays the role of angels in the Nativity story that goes beyond mere messengers; we serve as a bridge between earthly and divine, offering comfort, guidance, and a profound sense of awe to all who encounter us. It is our presence that shall illuminate the spiritual significance of this blessed event, reminding us of the heavenly support that accompanies the humble beginnings of such a remarkable journey. The spell of the Christmas season never melts away, for no matter what time of year we leave behind, the magic of Christmas will always seek us out and fill our hearts with joy and compassion throughout the five seasons of God’s eternal love.

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  • Naomi

    I love the concept of Christmas being another season. For me, it’s a time of giving, not only tangible things but, giving of ourselves to the needs of others. Just today, my grandson said “ grandma, it’s going to be Jesus birthday soon.” That’s when I knew that the teaching of the significance of the Christ child has become real to him. We all need to carry the meaning of this season with us throughout the year. I wish everyone a blessed Christmas and renewed spiritual journey through the New Year.

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