Everyday Gifts

Everyday Gifts

Every day…

is a gift that can be passed on to generations of children around the world that will follow. We need to teach them well (and embrace their inherent wisdom from which they can also teach us).

is one in which we can teach them that fellowship, peace, love, and a lifetime of connection are only a hug away.

is a day that children will eventually learn on their own that there are times when being a Teddy Bear is no picnic.

is one of intimate fulfillment to foster quiet nights to help us slip into the slumber of a peaceful night’s dream.

is the one thing that sustains us is knowing how to live the incredible gift of a “simple” life.

gives us the opportunity to better ourselves, and to make someone else’s life become filled with staggering wholeness.

is that one day for giving the love we have to give that will bring us closer to our dearly own beloved.

gives us an opportunity to help dogs better understand that we are not their master, we are their friend.

gives us a reason to help children feel that they are very much needed and that we will listen to the wisdom that resides inside of them. Something that they should come to count on.

gives us this day our daily bread, not forgetting to give a loaf of your love and compassion to the hungry.

opens doors for us to visit those who are confined to living days and nights of ill health, anxiety, and extreme loneliness.

gives us a reason to become aware of each moment because, in the end, that’s all we have ahead of us.

we can become equals created to examine and serve the needs of others, and to bring them the comfort that they deserve.

we are all living within a spectrum of misunderstanding of what life is really all about, to breathe in and out, to stop and smell, to wonder, and to tell.

is when children need to spend time with their parents, friends, and elders wherever and whenever they can, knowing that there is no distance between them that their love can’t overcome.

sunrises and sunsets are of equal value, but its the time spent in between that makes the flowers of life bloom all year long.

there’s a place somewhere slightly beyond our imagination, where lies the beauty of life that surrounds us, and once we embrace it we’ll know that the best is yet to come. That we can go back home again whenever we want to, and that all things in life always get better. We only need to keep our eyes open wide, open up our hearts, be patient, and wait and see.

there are some filled with rainy skies for us and our children, while none of us has to look at the end of the rainbow to find that “pot of gold”, because when we understand the purpose of “every day”, we will have discovered life’s eternally faithful silver lining.

we need to empty ourselves of trying to find that “perfect” place and find a place to dwell where all sins are forgiven and all that remains is forgotten.

we need to try and remember that each one is like no other and that it doesn’t guarantee that there will be another.

Blessings of the day, and night!

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  • Bianca C Gaetano

    Another amazing one!!!

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