Hold On Another Day

Hold On Another Day

In memory of Naomi Judd

At times the hopeless feelings,
may seem more than you can bear,
in the darkness of your anguish,
you can’t see the ones who care.

Look for that ray of sunlight,
imagine what your mother would say,
you know how she would plead,
that you hold on one more day.

You’re not alone-though it feels that way,
your despair just clouds the face,
of those who truly love you,
and would gladly take your place.

Look through the clouds and see the light,
imagine what your friends would say,
you know they would encourage you,
to hold on another day.

Know if you choose to end your pain,
another’s pain will just begin,
the thoughts not meant to bring you guilt,
just the will to live again.

The rocks and mountains would cry out,
the universe would say,
how much you truly matter,
so hold on another day.

– Carol Wood AKA Platoon Nana

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