Excerpt from “Open Arms” the novel

Excerpt from “Open Arms” the novel

A spellbinding full moon illuminated their way home, casting their shadows on the ground that were easily caught in its net. Shining in the darkness it gave way to the path allowing Caitlin to watch Lucio stop, wiggle, and laugh. When he pointed at the moon, he shouted words she could hardly understand.

Now more than ever, she realized that she might never crack open the mind of a boy lost to a source of happiness and confusion. But she knew she had the stamina to help both of them get through the rocky patches ahead. She was grateful to walk alongside a boy through the murky waters of his life, and with each step bringing him closer to breaking through to the curious, subtle, and complex life he might not even understand himself.

Yet, he was also a boy who gave his unconditional love and compassion to everyone and everything around him. He was a boy who perhaps didn’t even understand who God really was, yet fell asleep saying his prayers. Caitlin waited until he closed the front door before she got into her carriage and hurried home to enter her thoughts onto paper. From then on she made sure to have her journal with her at all times.

It made her feel one step closer to her Holy Grail. 

Open Arms is now available to purchase at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

View more information about the book at www.OpenArmsBook.com. Thank you all for your support.

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  • Naomi

    Just reading the excerpts grabs my attention and leaves me wanting more! Eloquent writing for sure.

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