Loving One Another

Loving One Another

Why are we so afraid to commit ourselves to love one another? 

After all, tenderness, compassion, sharing, and relating, are the most vital of human behaviors. Without these qualities life is empty. Although we may have the best of health, the most comfortable homes, and the most impressive bank balances, we spend so little time developing these essential behaviors. 

In fact, we are living in a society in which such words as “love”, “connection”, and “commitment” have been relegated to sentimental, old-fashioned nonsense. Skeptics are only too ready and capable with a quick wit and stinging phrases, to ridicule those of us who continue to speak out of broken hearts, of devastating loneliness, and the mystical ways and the power of love. 

If you love, you are considered naive. 

If you are happy, you are considered frivolous and simple.

If you are generous and altruistic, you are considered suspect. 

If you are forgiving, you are considered weak. 

If you are trusting, you are considered a fool.

If you try to be all of these things, people will be certain that you are a phony. 

This flippant attitude has much to do with the breeding of a society of detached, and non-committed people that are too sophisticated to admit their confusion and unhappiness, and too caught up in their ego to risk doing anything about it. 

Relationships do matter, intimacy is necessary to sustain a good, productive life, a loving touch or a hearty laugh can heal, and positive relating brings with it physical, psychological, and mental well-being. Our growing inability to one another is reaching frightening proportions. 

Emotional detachment; 

To love and be loved is the only answer. We all need each other.


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