Sunday-Slow Down

Sunday-Slow Down

Why slow down on a Sunday?

Because it’s a day to set aside to;

Wake up your inner child, and welcome the day together,

Pray first, then have your coffee,

Have an awesome breakfast.

Be grateful for all of the things we have, and pray for the needs of the less fortunate.

Find people in need and supply them with life’s necessities; kindness, food, love, and warmth.

Take a very long walk along the village streets in the quaint villages surrounding us, and support the many small businesses along the way. 

Find ways to engage people in meaningful conversation. It all starts with a smile, a “hello”, and “what a beautiful dog or child you have” Don’t let that opportunity to get to know someone slip on by. 

Take a child to a bookstore and let them pick out a book, and encourage them to give it as a gift to a child with a need to read.

Prepare wonderful nutritious meals, always making extra for our children to bring to the hungry.

Make Sunday and every day of the rest of the week count. 

Replenish your storybook of dreams, beauty, and sense of wonder.

Teach our children through our deeds, that life is not about the things you take, but the things that you give back.

Teach our children that it is only the divine love of God that will sustain them along their formidable journey of a lifetime.

Play along the way.

Realize that all that is good is placed in the hands of God, and the righteousness of his Angels…

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  • bianca gaetano

    Love this one! ❤

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