Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Gonna sing an old song to you right now
One that you heard before
Might be a window to your soul I can open slowly

I’ve been singing this way for so long
Riding through this storm
Might remind me of who we are
And why we walk so lowly

Before the world has closed us in
We might still allow for changes to be made
In a way of times right now and as we grow together

Before your computer turns on you
And walking through the garden
You remember something you’ve been through
And mingle with the stars in the sky

Stars in the sky
They only know we see them therе
Stars in the sky
That watch us grow and see how we are

Clouds on the sun can save your skin
But that’s just what you’re thinking
Shade is shade and it sucks you in
No matter what you’re thinking

So, welcome back, welcome back
It’s not the same
The shade is just you blinking

Neil Young & Crazy Horse 

December 3rd 2021

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AuZ1Gqtsac&t=32s

Please come back,

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  • Naomi

    I will have a new attitude as I look at the sky day or night! In the lazy hazy days of summer, I will wish upon a star, not let the clouds obscure my view and maybe stay out of the shade, every now and then! May God bless us with a new found vision! I’m back!!

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