Take Some Time

Take Some Time

We kill time, we save time, we lose time, we waste time, and sometimes, we have all the time in the world; but none of us has the power to stop the passage of time.

Although we can’t influence the flow of time, we can still get the most out of it.

“If you don’t own time, it will own you”

Take the time;
For yourself to grow in love and in spirit,
To breathe in all of the good things that life has to offer,
To offer life all of the good things you have to give,
To smell the roses, clean laundry, and freshly baked apple pie,
To pet a dog, read a book, and watch the magic of nature unfold before your eyes,
To mentor a child in need of a friend,
To shop for someone who can’t,
To hug often,
To pray,
To tell someone you love them — often,
To never say goodbye,
To enjoy a rainy day and a day away,
To buy purple African violets, touch them, and say a prayer for my mother.

“Time is the one thing that everyone has to give.”
It waits for no one, only the things that are worth waiting for”


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Comments (6)

  • Carol Tyler

    Beautifully said!

  • Maria

    Beautiful and great reminders....

  • Bianca C Gaetano

    Wow wow just wow!! U did it again 👏 got me in my feels 😢 ur way w words is so beautiful and makes me appreciate the time w r all here and have together ❤ for its only a tiny spec of it we get to enjoy ⏳💞

  • Alyssa McCombie

    I feel like I agree so much with your statement. It's like a form of poetry for me and I completely agree that the little things matter ! I have a little list of things that make me the happiest - making new friends -dancing with Dante - comforting a friend or family member - eating favorite foods - Petting a cat/dog - having a family - knowing your family and friends are there for you - celebrating holidays The list goes on! I love celebrating the little things so much and I really feel like people should do that more often instead of worrying about the big things!

  • Naomi

    Time is of the essence! May God richly bless you with the love and inspiration you pass on to others. Ironically, I potted an African violet plant today. I will name her Ellen and say a prayer every day❤️ All of the things you have spoken make me realize that I have reached the time in my life where the ordinary has become extraordinary!

  • Anthony Ruggiero

    Enjoyed really well though points Thank You

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