Spark Americas Spirit

Spark Americas Spirit

Behold Our Children

Gaze Upon A New Arising

A call will soon be going forth for all who care for America to involve themselves and its children in a daily manifestation of spiritual enlightenment.

“We The People”, will be asked to participate in a vast and unprecedented effort to lift the children of America to a new height of awareness toward a pledge of allegiance, humility, and spiritual truth.

In this present moment, as we become more separated from each other and our ideals, we see frustration, despair, anger, and hopelessness, that many in this country feel. We must give full rain to our future generations’ desire for peace, love, trust, and generosity, which was born out of the heart of America to make its appearance once again.

We must let peace, along with thoughts of peace, be in every person’s heart, and let a prayer for the heart and spirit of America be on every person’s lips. Only a return to the central guiding principles and vision which moved America’s founding fathers to create a land of liberty is the essential necessity of this time, and only the pursuit of this vision will lead to genuine and everlasting peace in America.

We are America;

We are;

The children

 It’s future

Rolling hills and pristine lakes, and windswept plains

That little innocent child laying on a patch of green grass gleefully reaching toward the sky to claim pictures of the clouds that slowly roll by.

Lazy days of going nowhere, of wondering what it all means, of waking up, and for a moment, beyond the things we do, into wondering who I am 

 Prayer and gratitude — to that which watches over freedom while creating the new flame of endless possibilities — to discover the supreme source of life itself. 

The land of plenty 

The land of poverty, where children go hungry amidst that plenty –while the silent cry in despair 

The future children of the Red, White, and  Blue, even when nothing else in our house stands out with pride

In the end, growing as only a child can grow, as a tree grows, as the world grows, can they grow out of what has been, into what can be.

Let us now lead our children to the promised land, the land of ease, and the promise of peace and truth. 

When we see a smiling face, 

their happiness spreads all over the place. 

How often do we miss if we don’t watch or listen very closely to their singing, their laughter, and cries of glee when they say, 

Come, come play with me. 

We are now standing at the crossroads of conviction and a deepening fear, so afraid of failing if we move from where we are now. It’s time to take a leap of faith because we’re about to climb to the top of the highest mountain known to man — if we dare to believe. Together, right now, we can walk our children to a place of trust, belief, and equality, and watch what they can do. 

The Great Reboot – – will soon open its doors to peace, love, and connection, to become that place where it will all begin.  

Blessings to you my dear friends on this Glorious Easter Sunday,

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  • Naomi

    We definitely need to teach our children and grandchildren to love and respect others, ourselves and our country. I’ve been teaching my 3 year old grandson the Pledge of Allegiance and he loves to put his hand on his ❤️ 🇺🇸 I tell him not to ever judge anyone by their outward appearance. If we look down on the less fortunate, we may be missing out on a great friendship! If we lead by example, it would create a wave of spiritual and emotional growth. Blessings of the Easter season to all!

  • Amy McCune

    Happy Easter

  • Tess

    The future always lies in the hands of the generations to come. But we must heed what we’ve learned from the past generations, good and bad. Always moving forward. Humanity, kindness, wholesomeness, faith in whatever that means to you, morality, empathy. We have come too far to allow evil and hatred to regain power.

  • Alyssa McCombie

    Everything in this whole paragraph (s) explained what i would want for America because there are so many kids that don't get a meal everyday or don't get a mean at all! And yet it just makes me sad but i also feel very grateful for having food on the table every single day. Same thing with the poverty thing. One of my friends was in poverty for years and now him and his family are finally reaching out of it and I'm very happy for him because that must be scary to not have enough money to buy food or things for your shower or pay bills to keep a roof over your head. I can't wait to read spark america usa!!

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