The Remarkable Power Of Touch

The Remarkable Power Of Touch

The power of touch is profound. It can strengthen the human connection to heal, communicate, influence, and soothe. But when touch is cold and brittle, it can widen the gap of relatedness and will eventually become out of reach for most people.

Touch is the first sense to develop in the womb and the first social interaction at birth. Babies and children, in particular, need a lot of “skinship” time with caregivers, family members, and close friends as well. First-time introductions and lifetime relationships can begin and can be nurtured by “skin-to-skin” contact. A handshake alone is a powerful link to becoming a friend or lover for a lifetime.

The skin itself has many important functions, and because it’s our largest organ, is fundamental to human expression. One tender squeeze can instantly make us feel closer, calmer, and more understood. Our skin is the pathway for one’s touch to reach deep within the soul of others.

The frequency of affectionate touch is a powerful conduit to communicate intimacy in close relationships and is largely associated with both our physical and psychological well-being.

Unfortunately, those deprived of “consistent engagement” suffer from anxiety, depression, and a whole slew of other maladies.

Attachment is set in childhood, and if you lose the opportunity to sow lasting love, loyalty, and connection, there’s no turning back. Touch promotes devotion and accelerates a profound sensation of “pleasantness”. The more a person is touched benevolently, the better their cognitive and neurobehavioral development.

Touching is as important as being touched. When we hold back too much, we miss too much. We need touch. Comfort, connection, security, and sustainable emotional stability are essential needs to maintain our overall mental and physical health benefits.

When there’s more nurturing touch- there’s less violence.

Touch communicates deep without saying a word, reduces stress, and brings people closer together. It communicates passion and nurtures growth and development. Touch just makes people nicer. It takes less than a second for touch to influence behavior. It helps Alzheimer’s patients, builds champion teams, and makes sorry- feel sorrier.

 If touch came wrapped in “chichi” packaging and a huge amount of retail hype, all of us would be lining up to get the best deal before walking away still feeling unfulfilled.

“We can never go back to the place from which we came, but if we reach out far enough we can touch a galaxy of stardust.”

I can only hope that I have touched a part of you with my words.

Blessings and my best to you and your families,

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  • Bianca C Gaetano

    Another absolutely wonderful "touching" piece 💙 thank u again for putting up a loving and caring post 💕 and yes a hug can do wonders and help repair things inside u...I for 1 can say u have a healing magic hug 💜

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