The Virtue of Hospitality

The Virtue of Hospitality

An Attitude of The Heart  

Hospitality is much more than a simple welcome mat sitting on someone’s front porch.. or an offer of only food and drink. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Yes, they do play a big part.. but hospitality is an attitude of the heart that opens us to others (and receives them in a “come as you are” way). When we add just the perfect amount of morality to the conversations, sometimes it can even be a move from hostility to friendship.

The most important long term effects of being hospitable are; 

Hospitality should primarily create a free space where strangers can enter our house as friends allowing room for spiritual, emotional, and connective well-being. It involves a generous amount of giving without concern for reciprocity. It’s about listening and letting people be themselves. It gives them room to sing their own songs, speak their own languages, and dance their own dances.

It’s not a subtle invitation for them to pursue the lifestyle of the host, but the gift of a chance to find their own. It’s about inviting guests into our world on their terms. We need to be ready to welcome and enter another person’s world and be ready to show (and accept vulnerability on equal terms).

Hospitality is a great opportunity to practice morality by not putting one “self” before others or the host “before” guests. The focus is on guests, not ourselves while both parties practice discovering something “new”. Hospitality behaviors are omnipresent human across religions and extend throughout human history.

We need to let go of narcissism and exaggerated individualism and show a genuine interest in others.

Intentionality and hospitality go hand in hand.

BTW, I am always open to an invitation for a visit and a cup of coffee!!

Blessing my dear friends, and have a blessed Mother’s Day!

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